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Islamorada Community alliance

Advocacy For Residents, Education and Preservation


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September 20, 2023: Click Here

New manager for Islamorada starting October 3.

Bikini Beach on the 18 Mile Stretch
Consolidation of 16th and 11th Judicial Circuits
Interlocal Agreement re:Land Acquisition
Possible Changing of Monroe County to Charter County
Compare BOCC meetings and Village Meetings

    September 18, 2023: Click Here

    September Calendar
    Be part of Village Surveys
    Final Budget Hearing
    Meeting Procedures
    Tea Table Key
    Wind Insurance
    Quote of the Week
    Sun Outdoors Update
    Taxes - Fair?
    Tavernier Publix update
    Suggestion Box - Charities
    Islamorada Community Alliance - like it or not?
    Photo of the Week - Tea Table

    September 11, 2023: Click Here

    September Calendar
    Swim for Alligator
    Council Happy Birthday party
    LPA/Tea Table Key
    Budget Hearing
    New Meeting Procedures
    Boat Ramp at E Ridge Road
    Freebee Contract
    Rapid Intensification of Storms
    Publix in Tavernier
    Photo of the Week - Swim Zone

      September 4, 2023: Click Here

      September Calendar
      Swim for Alligator
      On the Sep 7 Council agenda
      Freebee Contract
      Labor Day photos
      Monroe - Charter County in future?
      Publix in Tavernier
      Insurance Assessment?
      Court Consolidation
      Photo of the Week - Jimmy Buffett

        August 28, 2023: Click here

        September Calendar
        Rosenthal Recall Effort
        Judicial Jointure with Miami-Dade?
        Labor Day at the Monument
        Insurance dilemmas
        Traffic could stop development
        Real Estate Statistics
        Budget Decisions
        Photo of the Week

          August 21, 2023: Click Here

          September Calendar
          Traffic Study Released
          August 17 Council meeting
          Founders Park Baseball Field
          Consent Agenda
          Southwind Park tree removal
          Council Meeting Policies
          Budget Decisions
          Public Participation
          Change in Meeting Schedule
          Artificial Reef from Power Poles
          Photo of the Week

            August 14, 2023: Click Here

            August Calendar
            Council Meeting Agenda Aug 17
            Village To Do List
            What have we learned?
            Freebee Survey  
            Budget Proposals in Thursday agenda
            Staff Appreciation
            Hurricane Forecast
            SFWMD Water Plan
            Photo of the Week

              August 7, 2023: Click Here

              August Calendar
              Interim Manager starts Aug 7
              Things on the Village To Do List
              Budget workshops
              TRIM notices
              For your information…
              Shark Week
              Just a Suggestion
              Photo of the Week

                July 31, 2023: Click here

                August Calendar
                Interim Manager
                Short Meeting July 27
                Budget time
                Did you know
                Civility at Council Meetings
                Destination Dive
                National Night Out
                Van Cadenhead
                Area Code 645
                Photo of the Week

                  July 24, 2023: Click Here

                  July Calendar
                  Manager’s contract not renewed
                  Solid Waste contract signed
                  Interim manager update
                  Heat wave and coral
                  Sun Outdoors Grand Opening
                  July 20 Land Use Meeting
                  What’s next - July 27 meeting
                  Lobster regulations
                  Suggestion Box
                  Photo of the Week

                    July 17, 2023: Click Here

                    July Calendar
                    Special Call Meeting Monday Jul 17
                    Water Pipeline Progress
                    Founders Park Busy Summer Schedule
                    Water Safety Lessons
                    July 20 Land Use Meeting
                    Lobster regulations
                    Photo of the Week

                      July 10, 2023: Click Here

                      July Calendar
                      July 6 - six-hour marathon meeting
                      Tab 7 - Mr. Yates’ contract
                      Heritage Trail
                      Outside Audit, Village Procurement
                      Ramifications of long meeting
                      Sahara dust impacts
                      Lobster regulations
                      FEMA to the Rescue
                      Who needs our tax money
                      Suggestion Box
                      Photo of the Week

                        July 3, 2023: Click Here

                        July Calendar
                        Have a Happy 4th
                        The “Human Statue of Liberty”
                        July 6 Council agenda
                        Islamorada priorities
                        Do You Have Questions?
                        After the 4th
                        Founders Park Summer Camp Central
                        Suggestion Box
                        Photo of the Week

                          June 26, 2023: Click Here

                          June Calendar
                          Happenings at Village Hall
                          Celebrate the 4th at Founders Park
                          Founders Park - storage crisis
                          Vulnerability Assessment workshop Tuesday June 27
                          The external audit
                          Beat the Heat
                          Suggestion Box
                          Photo of the Week

                          June 19, 2023: Click Here

                          More June Meetings
                          Residents support Dan Gulizio
                          Did you hear that!
                          The audit
                          Crumbling pipes
                          Jon Rizzo Hurricane Program
                          Hurricane Evacuation modeling
                          Publix coming to Tavernier
                          Transparency and Sunshine
                          World Sea Turtle Day
                          Website Redesign
                          Suggestion Box
                          Photo of the Week

                            June 11, 2023: Click Here

                            More June Meetings
                            Residents support Dan Gulizio
                            Yates contract renewal?
                            Garbage hauler selected
                            Flawed selection process
                            Wastewater - audit update
                            Hurricane Evacuation changes
                            Sea Oats Beach utility pole removal
                            Loop Road
                            Insurance prices escalating
                            Sewer Disaster further south
                            Suggestion Box

                              June 4, 2023: Click Here 

                               Meetings this week
                              Yates fires Gulizio
                              Garbage hauler to be selected
                              Yates employment agreement
                              Wastewater - audit needed
                              Village assessed value up $1 billion
                              Freebee contract
                              Hurricane Season
                              New Village website
                              Deadline soon for survey #2
                              Lane closures -Lower Matecumbe

                              May 28, 2023: Click Here

                              Calendar Confusion
                              Memorial Day at the Monument
                              200th County Anniversary event
                              New Survey - please participate
                              Smugglers Cove Controversy
                              Oversight - FKAA and Village
                              Garbage Hauling contract
                              Village boat ramp closures
                              Suggestion Box

                              May 22, 2023: Click Here

                              The Fills -Workshop
                              Oversight - FKAA, Village audit
                              Message from Planning
                              Morada Cove Approval
                              Suggestion Box
                              June 1 - start of……
                              Village Committees - apply now
                              CNN Hero - Mike Goldberg

                                May 15, 2023: Click Here

                                May Calendar
                                The Fills -Workshop this week
                                Suggestion Box
                                Planning Challenges ahead
                                Traffic issues
                                Village Committees - apply now
                                State of the Village coming soon
                                The Keys - 2000 edition

                                  May 8, 2023: Click Here

                                  May Calendar
                                  Construction in the Village
                                  Sea Oats Beach
                                  Suggestion Box
                                  May 4 Council meeting summary
                                  Turtle Nesting
                                  Village Committees - join
                                  Fills Workshop
                                  Missing Status Reports
                                  Papa Joe’s

                                    May 1, 2023: Click Here

                                    May Calendar
                                    Suggestion Box
                                    Library Beach Playground Upgrades
                                    Green Turtle Hammock
                                    Water pipeline progress
                                    I.Care Trash Derby
                                    Dog Park Re-opened
                                    Key West Public Input
                                    Tavernier proposed Publix
                                    Sun Outdoors Islamorada

                                      April 22, 2023: Click Here

                                      Earth Day
                                      Firefighters BBQ
                                      Moose Annual Bra Walk
                                      Artists Collaboration
                                      Report Horseshoe Crab Sightings
                                      Fills Survey
                                      Water Pipeline Progress
                                      Cemex Development
                                      The Changing Seas
                                      A 25-year-old Message to Council

                                        April 15, 2023: Click Here
                                        Fills Survey
                                        Public Involvement
                                        Charity Application for Funds
                                        Arbor Day 2023
                                        New Marine Mammal Hospital
                                        Council Meeting Surprises
                                        A 25-year-old Message to Council

                                                            April 4, 2023: Click Here

                                                            The Fills - Please do the survey
                                                              World Wide and Wonders of Wildlife
                                                              Water Crisis
                                                              Quotes from March 30 meeting
                                                              300 new homes - Legislative approval
                                                              200th Anniversary of Monroe County
                                                                Public Comment

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                                                                  Our vision

                                                                  To enhance the community of Islamorada by preserving the quality of life of the residents as well as the beauty and vitality of the native ecosystems and to stop any further degradation of our community from over-development.

                                                                  Mission statement

                                                                  To provide the Islamorada residents with information about events occurring in our community that will impact our quality of life, preservation of our native ecosystems, land development, lawful and transparent governance.

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                                                                  Your tax deductible donations allows the ICA to keep you informed about important events that will impact and help protect our quality of life, our neighborhoods, property values and native ecosystems. Your donations make this possible and are most appreciated.

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