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Affordable Housing – What can we do?

We have a mess on our hands. It is tough to know where to start and if there is a solution. But this is a critical concern and we must do what we can to improve the situation.

1.      The Village Code related to Affordable Housing Standards needs to be reviewed and corrected with:

  • Qualifying perameters for the income and assets of the people occupying deed-restricted housing, whether owners or tenants.
  • Upper limits for selling price or monthly lease amount for a deed-restricted dwelling
  • Specific requirements for employment in Monroe County  
  • Reviewing and revising all of the definitions used in the affordable housing and workforce housing code.

2.      Current Affordable Housing Worksheet available via the Village website needs to be based on the parameters from the village code.

3.      A standard deed restriction should be utilized that provides the process to be followed when the dwelling is either rented (or lease renewed) or sold.

4.      Create specific penalties for non-compliance of affordable housing standards and diligently enforce the standards when homes are sold or rented.

5.      A list of all deed-restricted properties must be created and maintained, that includes contact information for the current occupant along with contact information for tenant if rented, tax id, date of Certificate of Occupancy, length of deed restriction

6.      Copies of all recorded deed restrictions should be maintained and easily accessed.

7.      Submit all affordable housing issues to the Achievable housing committee for review if possible before decisions are made by council.

8.      Review First Time Home Buyers requirements to make certain all homeowners using this program have deed restrictions on the dwelling in perpetuity.

9.      Stop issuing Vacation Rental licenses to property owners that have homes with 2007 assessed valuation less than 600% of current median income for Monroe County $498,000 currently.

10.   Fix any loopholes that allow building rights that originally came from mobile homes in mobile home parks to be transferred as market rate units, no matter the zoning of the mobile home park, or if the park has been rezoned.

11.   Create limitations as to redevelopment onsite of mobile home parks.

12.   Prohibit vacation rentals for mobile homes or mobile home development rights rebuilt as single family or multi-family homes.

13.   Require commercial development to build affordable homes to accommodate a percentage of the additional members of workforce needed. No mitigation.

14.   Increase the Vacation Rental license fee so funds will be generated to assist with affordable housing projects as intended.

15.   Work with Federal, State and County housing and land acquisition agencies to help with effort.

16.   Utilize Habitat for Humanity whenever possible.

17.   Audit the Affordable Housing Fund.

18.   Work diligently to obtain as much grant funding as possible for affordable housing initiatives.

19. Pursue partnerships and funding from the Monroe County Land Authority.

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