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Seat #4: Henry Rosenthal
Data shown below was obtained through public records and public statements


Former local business owner:

  • Green Turtle Restaurant and Cannery
  • Whale Harbor
  • Marker 88.  

Member and volunteer:

  • Leadership Monroe County
  • Rotary
  • Red Cross
  • Chamber of Commerce

Campaign Statements

 The following statements are responses submitted in writing by the Councilmen prior to the 11/4/2020 election 

Affordable Housing: “Clearly with the changes in demographics in the Keys, providing for affordable housing, but more important: workforce housing is clearly a priority I understand as having been once the largest employer in the area.  No affordable housing project will be a success if we don’t fix our compliance issues.”  

Highway Congestion: “Before the TDC was a countywide organization, I chaired the Monroe County Advertising Commission with a publicity budget of $120,000 per year to bring in more tourists.  When the TDC was brand new I was opposed, based on the fact that we did not have the infrastructure to handle more tourists. Back then it was our water supply with a water pipeline from Florida City that often was inadequate for our needs.  The Overseas Highway is now creating the major infrastructure shortfall.    The TDC spends tens of millions of dollars each year to advertise for more tourists, instead of the $120,000 I had back a few years ago.  The millions and millions spent by TDC could be used on needed infrastructure instead of advertising for even more tourists.”   

Public Involvement: “It is critical to the community that residents stay involved in the decision-making.  Council is supposed to represent the residents, but their involvement is the way for council to understand the direction voters want us to go.  The 2020 council election with real candidate competition created a new interest in the issues facing Islamorada. That is a good thing – folks hoping to serve on committees and wanting to be more involved. I hope it continues.”

Water Quality: “There are numerous organizations at the local, state and Federal levels that deal with water quality concerns.  Protecting and improving our water quality is a most important aspect of our community.  As a Village Council we will have opportunities to select and endorse water quality experts to represent our interests on various boards and commissions from the Village committees up to national organizations.  We need to make sure the best people are representing us – people with knowledge of the issues and ideas for solutions.”

Environmental Protection: “The special environment of the Florida Keys is the reason we all came here. The Russells, Pinders, and Parkers came to Islamorada well over 100 years ago because of our environment.  We need to make sure we do everything in our power to assure our special environment that they loved back then, and what the others of us came for, is well protected.”

Tourism/Residents Imbalance: “Tourism is the economic engine that drives all of the Florida Keys.  Many times we complain about the behavior of some of the tourists in our community.  First, as local residents, we must remember to follow all the rules and regulations ourselves so that we can set a proper example for the tourists and then insist that they obey the rules that will protect our environment and our quiet enjoyment.”  

Vacation Rentals: “It is the significant number of illegal vacation rentals that is most troubling.  This often results in an excess of people in a neighborhood not appreciated by those who live here.  Allowing an illegal vacation rental encourages inappropriate behavior.”  

Costs of Local Government: “It is too easy for government to spend taxpayers’ money. In the public sector, a successful business must spend based on the income earned.  In government, it is too easy to decide what expenditures you’d like to make and then set the tax rate accordingly without considering the impact on those that are taxed.  As a council we must learn to be better at streamlining expenditures.”

End of BPAS Allocations in 2023: “When I hear 2023 discussed my first reaction is – the Council should have been addressing this ten years ago, finding ways to minimize the difficulties we will be facing.  But now, even though we only have a short time left, the council and the staff need to address as many ways as possible to make 2023 less painful to our taxpayers and our property owners.”


300’ Swim Zone: “The success or failure of the plan will be obvious when the swim zone is implemented.  A continual review will be needed to make changes when necessary.”

The Fills: NO! I don’t think Islamorada should take on this obligation for expensive improvements and the ongoing maintenance.  In 2014, FDOT submitted a detailed plan for improvements and limited parking and use of the Fills – at FDOT expense.  I do not understand why this should now be our responsibility. “

Fills by Memorial Day 2021: “Extremely limited paid parking, no other uses encouraged.”

Toll: “I am not opposed to a toll, depending on where the funds generated are to be used.  I don’t think a toll will control traffic coming into the Keys.

Transferring development rights from a former mobile home park as market rate homes. Do you think we should assure allocations from mobile home parks are transferred as affordable even if it requires a change in our LDRs?    “YES.  We badly need affordable/workforce housing – what is/was affordable should remain affordable, especially mobile homes.”

Government more transparent: If we encourage our local residents to stay involved with our Village government issues, increased transparency will result. The public will ask more questions and demand more answers.”

Voting Record

Data will be logged as voting on issues takes place

Councilman Ratings:
The following ratings are based on on well the Councilman represented the interests of the residents.

Based on all activity through 1/10/2021

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