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Islamorada Community alliance

Advocacy For Residents, Education and Preservation


We love our First Responders 

A special thanks to Deputy Nelson Sanchez, left, of our Marine Unit in Islamorada for being the first to a scene as he rescued three people clinging to a boat about one to two miles off Duck Key on the ocean side in mid-June. 

Deputy Sanchez responded from Mile Marker 74 to the area of Mile Marker 61. While an Islamorada boat arrived first, when it comes to saving lives, boundaries mean nothing. Thank you Nelson!

Thank you Kyle Burkel

Burkel served the village in the public works department and as a firefighter-paramedic for 25 years. Retired now in north central Florida, read his story here

Our vision

To enhance the community of Islamorada by preserving the quality of life of the residents as well as the beauty and vitality of the native ecosystems and to stop any further degradation of our community from over-development.

Mission statement

To provide the Islamorada residents with information about events occurring in our community that will impact our quality of life, preservation of our native ecosystems, land development, lawful and transparent governance.


Your tax deductible donations allows the ICA to keep you informed about important events that will impact and help protect our quality of life, our neighborhoods, property values and native ecosystems. Your donations make this possible and are most appreciated.

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