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Plantation Tropical Preserve to receive a couple of shade structures

A conceptual design phase for Plantation Tropical Preserve (PTP) at Mile Marker 90.5 Bayside approved Thursday, July 1, during Tab 7 discussion at the village council meeting, pavilions and a parking area will move forward to a site plan. According to Peter Frezza, village environmental resources manager, about 4 to 6 parking spaces  likely including a handicapped parking spot will be added at 146 Sunshine Boulevard. The parking area would probably be gravel rock or something natural. The handicapped spot would need to be poured concrete to be ADA-compliant. 

Two pavilions at the preserve would serve as shade structures. A smaller one would be within the 146 Sunshine Boulevard lot and a larger one near the current PTP parking area would be accessed off of U.S. 1 southbound. 

Frezza said, “Student groups going [to the preserve] before COVID really wanted something there [near the kayak ramp]. I also think it would be a great spot for people to picnic or get out of the sun or just enjoy the natural setting… I was thinking it would be first-come first-served [and] we would put a couple picnic tables underneath them.”

Public comment is welcome. Frezza said he has received some input from people who use the park, and would love to get some more.

If Tab 7 is approved, the lowest bidder, CSA Central, will complete the conceptual design for $4,500.

Here’s history of the 146 Sunshine Boulevard lot acquisition from the Tab 7 packet.

"On December 17, 2020, the Village Council of Islamorada... adopted Resolution No. 20-12-114, thereby approving the purchase of 146 Sunshine Boulevard, Tavernier for the purpose of extending the Plantation Tropical Preserve (the “Preserve”) and creating a new entrance to the Preserve from Sunshine Boulevard. The purchase was completed to promote the Village’s commitment to promoting and facilitating the creation of conservation areas and parks and recreation facilities. Demolition of a mobile home on the property was completed on April 2, 2021, in order to make room for recreational developments. Potential amenities for the property include but are not limited to a parking area, covered pavilion, small playground area, and new native landscaping. On the existing Preserve property, the Village are also considering constructing an 18’ x 22’ covered pavilion. The Village requested proposals from three firms within the Village’s engineers and architect’s library for the first step of site development which is to complete a conceptual site plan. These firms and their respective cost proposals for this service are: CSA Central, $4,500; CPH, $12,500; K2M Design, $18,961."

Once completed, the conceptual site plan will be brought before the village council for discussion prior to moving forward with property developments.

Plantation Tropical Preserve serves as a Children’s Memorial Tree Garden site for families to plant a tree in the memory of a child who has died. The tree planting can be coordinated through Islamorada village hall staff.

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