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Advocacy For Residents, Education and Preservation

Seat #5: David Webb
Data shown below was obtained through public records and public statements



  • Graduate FSU
  • Pilot with USAF, SCANG and FedEx
  • Pilot Association Chairman at FedEx for 10 years
  • Former President Port Antigua Property Owners Association.

Campaign Statements

 The following statements are responses submitted in writing by the Councilmen prior to the 11/4/2020 election 

Affordable Housing:

"Essential for attracting and retaining residents vital to our community. Obstacles are land cost and availability, climbing insurance costs, compatibility with existing developments. Will require state and federal partnerships and cooperation from neighboring communities like Key Largo and Marathon which are commutable to Islamorada.”

Highway Congestion:

"My priority for this is driven by the significant difficulty of identifying realistic solutions. The fact is that every visitor to any Keys destination west of Lower Mat must traverse our community. In addition, the rapidly growing number of Islamorada property owners choosing to rent, legally or otherwise, their homes to tourists that tend to spend considerably more time on the road locally going to bars, restaurants and other attractions compounds the challenge. Add the day visitors to the Fills, Founders, Anne's Beach and other sites and you have our problem personified.”

Public Involvement:

“More public involvement from a larger constituency base is the key to change. Islamorada is not unique in having those with significant financial interests be more active in council affairs. My approach will be to reach out to all constituents through informal Town Hall type events and other gatherings. Ultimately, everyone must realize that even if you only own a primary or secondary home in Islamorada, you have a significant financial stake in the affairs of the council and you must be engaged in the decision making or be left behind.”

Water Quality:

"Goes without saying, this will define our community good or bad. While most authority for addressing this lies with federal and state agency's, the council's ability and veracity in making the case for improving and protecting our surrounding waters can make a difference. I have a long history of participation in efforts promoting marine conservation. I currently serve on the Village water quality advisory committee, chair the PAPOA water quality committee, member of the Habitat advisory panel to the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council Charleston SC , board member of the non-profit WPBFC Foundation.”

Environmental Protection:

"See above.”

Tourism/Residents Imbalance:

"Impacts most of the items above. These do not have to be mutually exclusive but tourism should not be at the expense of residents quality of life. The most offensive impact of residential rentals is the insertion of "tourists" and everything attendant to people "partying" directly into our neighborhoods. Code, ordinance and law enforcement efforts are one way to address these negative impacts. More draconianly, we could have a discussion about banning residential rentals as has been done in other communities.”

Vacation Rentals:

"See above”.

Costs of Local Government:

"Nobody likes taxes or increases in taxes. The key here is to provide a level of representation that garners the confidence and trust of those being represented. My record on fiscal responsibility is unblemished. I was elected to four consecutive terms as the Chair of the FedEx pilots overseeing an annual budget of over $7,000,000.00 derived from pilot contributions from their pay checks. I have reconstituted the Finance Committee of the PAPOA to include residents at large to prepare and propose budgetary issues for the board. I have incorporated CPA recommendations for the PAPOA budget to provide a more transparent presentation to residents above any required by statute and also received the support of the PAPOA board to identify and secure set asides for future fiscal needs, also not required by statute.”

End of BPAS Allocations in 2023:

"The history of the local "politics" surrounding the current status of the legal liability is just that, history. What the new council will be faced with is the future. My position is that even without the issuance of the remaining building permits Monroe county and Islamorada specifically is "built out". I would not support any relaxation of building permit issuance or any easing of evacuation requirements. I believe the answer must include something like the federal super funds created to pay for cleanups at manmade disaster sites. Overdevelopment of Monroe county is a manmade disaster and should be treated as such.”

Revisit Issues:

"I have communicated my thoughts to the current council regarding the 2020/2021 budget. Specifically, I have requested that, where possible, flexibility should be afforded to the new council to review specific funding of projects like the Fills. Absent that, the new council will have to form a consensus about the advisability and risks associated with any change of direction.”

Swim Zone:

"After spending over two years working with home owners and the council to address this issue I am optimistic it will be beneficial to all residents of the area. However, the success of the swim zone is tied to several conditions. First, there may be further legal challenges from those opposed and the Village must defend the right to police the shores of Islamorada out to 1200 feet that currently exists. Second, locals must support the swim zone by complying with the restrictions. Finally, effective and active enforcement by all concerned law enforcement agencies must occur.”

The Fills:

"The current course charted by council should be revisited. It appears that nearly $500,000.00 has been budgeted for 2021 to build substantial infrastructure at the Fills. Even if that is the path eventually chosen the cost should be primarily borne by the land owner, the state. I support investigating whether the Fills could be incorporated into an existing protected area which might force the state to restrict access.”

Fills 2021:

"Depends upon the other elected council members willingness to take another path. I don't believe creating an environment similar to Anne's Beach is advisable or workable at the Fills.”


"Should be evaluated. For my support it would have to be structured to deter some level of non-contributing traffic but not penalize residents.”


"I think an opportunity will be present with at least four new council members after November to do a top to bottom evaluation of every facet of development in Islamorada. Whether it's zoning changes, TDR's or permitting, sometimes a step back for a different look is advisable. I would advocate that this occur.”

Transparency in Government:

“This requires two equal efforts. Council members committed to this and an electorate willing to engage and demand openness.  I support and encourage both.”

ICA vision

To enhance the community of Islamorada by preserving the quality of life of the residents as well as the beauty and vitality of the native ecosystems and to stop any further degradation of our community from over-development.

ICA Mission statement

To provide the Islamorada residents with information about events occurring in our community that will impact our quality of life, preservation of our native ecosystems, land development, lawful and transparent governance.


Your tax deductible donations allows the ICA to keep you informed about important events that will impact and help protect our quality of life, our neighborhoods, property values and native ecosystems. Your donations make this possible and are most appreciated.

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