What the Council Said

Let’s take a peek at what our current Councilmembers had to say about traffic issues when running for office!

Pete Bacheler:

“There are no real good answers here. As long as the TDC continues to advertise, we’ll have more traffic in the Keys. A toll road might help and putting the [truck] weigh station in Key Largo before drivers get to our community might help.”

Mark Gregg:

“We should ask the TDC to reduce advertising to a mass market and target only discrete groups that provide less impacts and greater economic benefits. The 3 segments of the Old Highway on PK, Windley, and UM should be designated for local traffic only to prevent traffic delays and hazards caused by pass-through drivers who use the Old Highway as a shortcut around slower traffic on US 1. Close the Fills, and restrict parks and boat ramps to use by local residents only during holidays and periods of heavy use as was done this summer before July 4th until after Labor day.”

Buddy Pinder:

“We need to develop the best possible relationship with FDOT and other state agencies so we can work together to find solutions for our traffic issues. Tallahassee is the key to getting critical funding for infrastructure needs. Our council needs to consider decisions that impact traffic the most and not make traffic worse.”

Henry Rosenthal:

“Before the TDC was a countywide organization, I chaired the Monroe County Advertising Commission with a publicity budget of $120,000 per year to bring in more tourists. When the TDC was brand new, I was opposed, based on the fact that we did not have the infrastructure to handle more tourists. Back then, it was our water supply with a water pipeline from Florida City that often was inadequate for our needs. The Overseas Highway is now creating the major infrastructure shortfall. The TDC spends tens of millions of dollars each year to advertise for more tourists, instead of the $120,000 I had a few years ago. The millions and millions spent by TDC could be used on needed infrastructure instead of advertising for even more tourists.”

David Webb:

“My priority for this is driven by the significant difficulty of identifying realistic solutions. The fact is that every visitor to any Keys destination west of Lower Mat must traverse our community. In addition, the rapidly growing number of Islamorada property owners choosing to rent, legally or otherwise, their homes to tourists that tend to spend considerably more time on the road locally going to bars, restaurants and other attractions compounds the challenge. Add the day visitors to the Fills, Founders, Anne’s Beach and other sites and you have our problem personified.”