Our work and this site are intended to educate and advocate for the residents of Islamorada. 

Please take the time to read about the issues that are important to you on this site. The data was obtained through extensive research and public records requests.

These analyses are supported with additional documentation for your review.


Keep in mind, we do this work because strong communities don’t happen accidentally.

One size does not fit all.

Although we all have a slightly different take on many of the issues facing our community, it is our intention to provide you with comprehensive, factual data so you can better understand what is happening in our community, help protect our Village and participate in guiding it into the future.  

We share information, based on facts and research. If it is opinion, we tell you it’s our opinion. It is then up to the people of Islamorada to decide for themselves.

If you have questions or suggestions, we want to hear from you. No one has the answer for everything. Working together is our best chance to get it right, so we are genuinely all ears!