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Transparency 101

Planning Department Transparency

How frustrating is it to read in an LPA or Council agenda item that a significant amendment to our Comprehensive Plan, our local constitution, is being considered in a few days as a result of a developer’s request?

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Inappropriate Zoning


The LPA agenda for June 14, 2021 has requests for changes to the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and Zoning for four properties in the Village.  All requests are extremely troublesome.

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Vendor – park contract in default

May 15, 2021

Since ICE CEO [David] Feder publicly proclaimed his IRS form 990 filings “…kind of covered…” his repeated defaults on the annual CPA-audited and document-supported financial statements his contract required instead, I looked up those filings and compiled the following totals (noting that ICE 990s are logged on the IRS site only from 2011-2018):

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Mis-advice by village attorney on appointments

It appears – as a result of our public records research – that at their Nov 19th meeting, the newly elected Council members were given inaccurate advice by the Village Attorney on the desire several of them expressed to make new appointments to the LPA last December, instead of waiting until May to replace appointees of the no longer seated former Council.

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