Joan Scholz

Joan Scholz is an extremely passionate and environmentally involved homeowner. She’s been a full-time resident of Islamorada for 35 years. Joan is a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Having spent a career as a telecom professional and competitive runner, Joan got involved in our local schools as a cross-country coach, Take Stock in Children mentor, and role model understanding that our children and students are our future leaders.

Family, community, our environment and our children.

When the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center fell on hard times, Joan reached out to her network and friends to bring in desperate funds to keep the incredibly important not-for-profit organization going.  Subsequently, she was invited to join the Board of Directors, eventually stepping down to take over the organization as Executive Director, awarded a BP Oil Spill Grant and TDC Bricks and Mortar grant to purchase the new Education, Rehabilitation Center and BIRD-gency Hospital. After the organization was financially stable and “up and flying”, Joan retired from the organization.

Islamorada Moose Club – BaconFest

Joan’s commitment to the town.

As we all know, prior to incorporation, Islamorada was a quiet, quaint, small town community with pristine waters/beautiful reefs and an abundance of sport and pleasure fishing. After incorporation in 1997, the community relied on the council members to do what was in the best interest of the residents, guests and extremely fragile ecosystem and environment. 

As time has gone by, Joan noticed some of our councilmembers had become less transparent and not necessarily making decisions in the best interests of Islamorada and its residents. So she got busy putting her executive leadership skills and knowledge to work. Today, Joan is actively involved in the community helping to solve the big issues, overbuilding, illegal vacation rental, affordable housing, traffic and trying to help guide our council to advocate for the environment, residents and guests.

There’s nothing better than a big, happy family.